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In the Hebrew Bible, angels often appear to people in the shape of humans of extraordinary beauty, and often are not immediately recognized as angels. Some fly through the air, some become invisible, sacrifices touched by some are consumed by fire, and some may disappear in sacrificial fire. They are described as pure and bright as Heaven; they are thought of to be as innocent as soft baby lambs. But is this true?

Angels are as old as time itself, the legends reaching back farther than we could possibly imagine. But alongside these Godly, widely praised creatures, is another legend just as old as time.

A supernatural being that has generally been described as a malevolent spirit, and in Christian terms it is generally understood as a Fallen angel, formerly of God -- A demon. Hebrew demons were workers of harm. To them were ascribed the various diseases, particularly such as affect the brain and the inner parts. Hence there was a fear of "Shabriri", the demon of blindness, who rests on uncovered water at night and strikes those with blindness who drink of it; also mentioned were the spirit of catalepsy and the spirit of headache, the demon of epilepsy, and the spirit of nightmare.

And with all this, in between, samurai and ninja-alike wage war between themselves, aided each in their own way by angels and demons alike, who often have their own grudges.

And along with these two entirely different races, comes an ancient battle. Invisible to our modern eyes, let us take a small trip back to the fuedal times in a place where the demons and the angels who hunted them, the honorable samurai and the dishonost ninja who rivaled them, fought with firey passion. Let us return to the Fuedal Anarchy of Japan.

These are the special diaries, long lost, and just now remembered. Something about them though, still holds the tender coils of magic, as they seemed to have held many a conversation over them. Feel free to explore what we have recovered...


-*- No God-modding/Metagaming. -*-

-*- NO OOC DRAMA. We cannot stress this enough. -*-

-*- No Chatspeak. Be literate please. You may RP in *Actions* but be literate. -*-

-*- There's no limit on muses, aslong as you keep them active, and only RP one per band. -*-

-*- ONLY EASTERN ASIAN MUSES. No Paris Hilton. >:E -*-

-*- Post in your Journal and the community atleast once every month to keep your muse. -*-

-*- You may only claim one muse every two weeks. -*-

-*- Mods are free to add more as we see fit. -*-
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